When it comes to seeking a fair divorce resolution, our primary emphasis is always on the needs of the child. This means that all of the child’s education, clothing, food, shelter, daycare, transportation, and entertainment/extracurricular expenses must be adequately covered. Determining the total cost of caring and raising the child is one of the critical first steps in determining the level of child support a spouse will be required to provide.

The two other main factors concern the relative incomes of the individual parties and the amount of time the child is expected to spend with each of his or her parents. New Jersey Child Support guidelines are quite specific with how such payments are calculated and individuals interested in obtaining an estimate of this amount can access New Jersey Child Support Calculator.

Keep in mind that this only provides an estimate. The actual amount of support may vary. Because the level of support is contingent on custody and the individual incomes, It is also important to understand that child support is most often determined after other aspects of the divorce (e.g., alimony, custody) have already been resolved.

Modifications to Child Support
Of course, circumstances change. This is as true for the individuals involved as it is for the child. That is why modifications in the child support order are often requested. Obtaining modifications are dependent on a number of factors, among them:

• A change in the income of either one of the parents
• Disability of either parent or of the child
• A change in employment status
• Changes in childcare costs
• Any additional special needs for the child

Finally, under the New Jersey Termination of Child Support Act, depending on a number of factors, a child may be considered “emancipated” at 19 years of age. This can have a dramatic effect on child support payments as well.

Enforcement of Child Support
Child support is a serious obligation and the courts take them seriously. At Underwood & Micklin, we seek strict probations and/or arrest warrants for spouses who fail to provide the required child support. At times, such actions may even lead to incarceration. Similarly, we also assist individuals who have failed to make such payments uncover ways to address this critical obligation.

At Underwood & Micklin, we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients. But we also believe we have a moral obligation to work for the child or children the marriage produced. If you have a question or issue concerning child support or child support enforcement, contact us at 877-580-2200, use the form at the right, or email us at contact@southjerseylawyers.com

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