Workers compensation is the area of law that provides rights to employees injured on the job. Workers’ compensation is insurance that provides Temporary Disability Benefits to you while you are unable to perform your normal job duties. Worker’s Compensation claims in New Jersey are based on the permanency percentag(es) involved in your matter. Cases need to be filed within two (2) years of the date of Injury in the Worker’s Compensation Court. A Worker’s Compensation Judge will then be assigned to your matter.

The following are ways we can assist you in filing a claim for your workers compensation:

  • Reporting your injury: If you suffer an injury at work, you must notify your employer of the injury immediately. If you are unsure about filing, one of our experienced attorneys can help you with the process. You will often be sent immediately for an evaluation by a medical provider, and work with nurse case managers to assist you in coordinating your medical treatment.
  • Finding witnesses: One of the most important parts of filing a workers’ compensation claim is having other employees available who may have witnessed the accident.
  • Choosing your own doctor: In New Jersey the Insurance Carrier gets to choose the medical provider to treat you for the injuries.
  • Offering you sound advice: The best way we can help you through the process of filing a workman’s compensation claim is to offer you sound legal advice. We understand that being injured at work can be frustrating and embarrassing and a skilled lawyer can be a valuable ally who can look out for your best interests.

A workers’ compensation claim is paid if either the employer or insurance carrier agree that the injury is work related. If either one of these parties disputes that claim, no cash benefits are paid until a workers’ compensation judge decides which party is at fault. A Motion for Temporary Benefits and Medical Treament can be filed in the Worker’s Compensation Court to address issues in your case, in the event of a dispute.

Once your done treating, we gather all of your medical records related to this injury and often set you up with a Permanecy Evaluation by an Physician or Medical Doctor familiary with the Worker’s Compesnation Rating to determine the permanency in your case. The Respondent (Defense) often has an evaluation by their own doctor. We then litigate your case. If the case resovles, the settlement (depending on the type) will be approved by the Worker’s Compesnation Judge. There are two (2) General Types of Worker’s Compensation Settlements: Section 20 (which do not allow reopening of the claim and are often a cash payout) and Permanency Settlements (which allow the reopening of a claim within 2 years of the receipt of the last payments by the insurance carrier). We are here to assist you and protect your rights.

We handle all Worker’s Compensation cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning there’s no fee unless we recover monies for you. Home & Hospital Visits are available!

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